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Amirco specialises in moving complete rigs between the drilling locations and to and from the stacking area.

Our dedicated rig move service includes, but is not limited to, disassembling, assembling and relocating drilling rigs and workover rigs along with auxiliary equipment, man camps, drilling tools and specific oversized loads.

Amirco’s team of professionals is continuously committed to adhering the industry’s highest safety, quality and ethical standards. As we have undertaken over 100 rig moves in Iraq, we have the right experience in mobilising equipment to even difficult locations in a safe and timely manner.

Our rig move service consists of the following:

  • Addressing the CSR issues
  • Undertaking the road survey
  • Project planning
  • Securing the loads
  • Loading and rigging up
  • HSE supervision
  • Project management
  • Complete documentation


The advantages of our service:

  • The shortest downtime for the drilling operations. Amirco utilises its unique fleet of winch trucks and RT cranes, which are designed to undertake an efficient rig move operation.
  • The minimised risk of equipment unavailability and failure. Amirco owns the equipment mobilised for the rig move, taking the responsibility for the regular maintenance and availability of equipment without relying on unpredictable subcontractors.
  • Safety of the project. Amirco treats HSE issues with the highest priority, providing a dedicated HSE supervisor for each project to ensure an incident and injury free rig move at all times.

Our Rig Move Projects