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Amirco specialises in finding creative solutions to heavy lift, rigging down and up, and installation challenges.

All of our projects start with a comprehensive project analysis and pre-planning report to ensure that we provide safety, efficiency and simplicity during the project execution. As the outcome, all our heavy lift projects are incident and injury free, while meeting the client’s cost targets, even on time critical short-notice projects.

The key pieces of our lifting equipment include:

  • Forklifts (ranging from 5t to 13t)
  • 25t mobile cranes (Kato)
  • 30t mobile cranes (Liebherr)
  • 35t mobile crane (Grove)
  • 40t mobile cranes (Kato)
  • 45t Rough Terrain (RT) mobile crane (Terex)
  • 50t mobile crane (Grove)
  • 60t mobile cranes (Tadano Faun, Marchetti)
  • 60t Rough Terrain mobile crane (Terex)
  • 70t mobile cranes (Tadano Faun)
  • 80t mobile cranes (Tadano Faun)
  • 90t mobile cranes (Tadano Faun GT)
  • 100t mobile cranes (Tadano Faun, Demag)
  • 120t mobile cranes (Tadano Faun)
  • 165t mobile cranes (Grove)
  • 250t mobile crane (Liebherr)
  • 500t mobile cranes (Liebherr)

Equipment List